AQ Sound - Updated 21-08-2022

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Major Update to AQ Sound Network

AQ Sound - Updated 21-08-2022

It's been 3 years of work and just finish the next major core site update for AQ Sound Backend. This includes many new features and bug fixes.

AQ Sound Network is Free to Join and Listen to, users can also buy a HUD system which is available in second life for personal listening. I'll post more information on how you can get that soon. AQ Sound and systems were released in the summer of 2021 at the Second Life Uber Event. AQ Sound is a virtual social network for live mix DJs and Virtual Music Artists. Currently, it features over 100 live record freestyle mixes made by DJ Freestyle aka Athayus Quan.

Update 21-08-2022




If you like to tune in and check it out go to AQ Sound Network where to buy HUD & HUD Themes coming soon!


Athayus Quan

Updated on 21 August, 2022