January 2024 Update

Created on 21 January, 2024Latest News • 41 views

Network Update

Network & OS Update

Just completed an update to network OS for our datacenter. I'll be working on more updates and cleaning up sites, networks, virtual social networks and more. Including security and other related systems. A number of sites on Network also getting updated including AQ Network, Social VR, Pixel VR, AQ Music, AQ Sound, and related sites and systems. This is regular to keep things running smoothly. 

I've moved our AQ Blender addons over to my Realystic Network over at https://realystic.com you'll be able to get more information on those systems there. I've got a lot of exciting services and addons, plugins and applications in development via that. As well as updates to our Virtual Online Services like AQ Music both Virtually aka via the Second Life HUD and via This Network. It's a lot of work so if your reading this that's the jist of it for now. I'll post more information as I get various systems sorted out :D

Cheers, Ath