[AQ] Network Update 2023

Created on 13 January, 2023 | Latest News | 42 views

It's been a busy start to the new year lots of new things in the works as well as network optimization

[AQ] Network Update 2023

It's been a busy start to the new year with lots of new things in the works, network optimizations, and more. I'll be posting more information in this blog soon about these changes and new additions to the network as well as changes to some sites and the removal of some that have been consolidated into AQN to help with redundancy etc.

New years and Christmas for everyone is busy times of year and I hope everyone has kept safe and had a good start to the new year. One of the things I've done is streamline a lot of scripts, sites, systems and projects to help with stability and others. Pixel VR is getting a big update soon mostly backend improvements but things that will make it run better moving forward. Social VR has a huge update coming soon just putting the final touches on that.

I'll update this blog post with information about sites and systems within AQ Soon.


Updated on 23 March, 2023