Social VR Update - 22.08.2022

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Major Update - Social VR

Major Update - Social VR

Thanks for checking out my blog this is just a note for those following various projects and sites within the AQ Network,

Just a note that Social VR has been updated and is newly compatible with updates I've made to both hardware and

server other systems. A number of bugs reported have been addressed as well as the quality of life improvements

fixes to profile CSS where possible.

What is Social VR?

It's basically a virtual social network for users that want a place to share their virtual life experiences. The website although has evolved over the years

started off as SLX Connect and has been running in various iterations since 2003. This variant while building this site and network is currently

4 years old.

Basic Rules:

Unlike Facebook, this website is NOT for real-life content and real-life experiences but rather for your Virtual Life Experiences, Virtual Jobs & Business and Connecting with Like

Mined Virtual Users that use various virtual platforms like Second Life, Sinespace, VR Chat and related networks.

When creating an account please make sure that your cover image is PG and your Profile Photo for Avatar. Please note the minimum real-life age to use this network is 18 without parent consent,

members when creating profiles can create and add an age that is related to their Rezday aka the Day that your account was created on a said virtual platform. No Porn is allowed on networks of

any type. Social VR is a virtual social network, not a porn network. Users posting any type of content that is classed as porn will be warned and then removed from the network. No advertising porn-related

content real or virtual. If members have questions they can contact Athayus Quan.

This network is also designed to give users privacy and tools to moderate their privacy. Privacy does not mean hiding it just means what your real profession or what you do in Real life should be posted on

Facebook what you post on Social VR should be more of a Role Playing Experience based on your Virtual Avatar's Life, Virtual Friends / Family, Virtual Jobs, Passions, Shops Etc.

Pro Vs Free Account.

This site has various Pro Functions on it mostly geared around, Live Streaming, Advertising & Promotion of Virtual Content you'd like other members to see on the site globally. Social VR is similar to Facebook but is NOT Facebook.

Pro accounts are designed to help members reach a bigger audience within our network. When you make a page for your virtual business, club, group, event etc People that follow that page will get news syndicated to their news feed of that information. Pages can have co-staff/co-admins and set permissions for how that page is viewed online. Profile accounts for all members are private from the outside world to help prove users' privacy. Please note that when someone follows your Avatar Profile Page any pages they have created that they post news on will also show up on members that follow that avatar's profile page newsfeeds. Aka you don't need to double and triple share posts in other groups or pages. Think of it as if you follow a user profile your see all content that the user posts on both their pages and their avatar profile. If you don't follow their avatar account and or page then you won't see their news on your news feed, if you buy a pro account or ad space and boost a post all users on the website will see that boosted content. Unless they have a pro account and opt out of seeing the advertising. I know it can make your head spin a bit.

All Members can create pages and various options when they do both Free & Pro accounts. All members can set up a free virtual profile with personal virtual life experiences. If you run a virtual business please create a page for it. Advertising on your page both pro and the free account is free. I'll update this blog post on what members get for the various account types once I've finished updating those systems on the site.

Social VR: (Virtual Facebook)

  • Features TBA:


  • Update Hardware & Lamp Update Completed
  • Updated Core Framework to Php 8.0
  • Server Hardware Update
  • Member Pages Improved
  • Fixed Issue with Newsfeed CSS
  • Fixed Issue with Member Profile CSS
  • Added New Systems for 2 Step Authentication
  • Added New Invite System w/ Improvements
  • Added Improved Popular Posts
  • Updated Pro Member System
  • Change Background (Pro Feature)
  • Chat System Required Verified Account
  • Many New Features Coming Soon!


  • Add more Upload types
  • Extend Space for Site
  • Live Streaming (WIP)
  • Improvements to Ad System
  • Improvements to Pro System
  • Groups System Overhaul
  • Blog System Overhaul
  • Marketplace Overhaul

Much More To Follow!


Athayus Quan

Updated on 22 August, 2022